Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Indie Craft Bazaar + News

Hey everyone! The Indie Craft Bazaar, Ft Lauderdale was AWESOME Saturday! It
was pretty hot (in the 90's) but that didn't stop everyone from coming. ^_^

Thanks to all my new customers and friends!

I'm going to post a bunch of pictures here, you can view the rest on facebook, click!

On a side note, I started my new job yesterday which I really love. You know what that means??? More funding for Meow Kiki! Now I can get started on all the project ideas I've had but wasn't able to afford. Expect some greatness, coming soon!!!!!!!


My setup:

Me working! Temperature was in the 90's so don't mind me for looking like a
mess! haha



The line of people waiting to get in...

LOADS of people, as usual!

And that's it! Until next time!!

xo Heather


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Style Bite - Summer Style + Braids

I'm obsessed with braids this summer.. With the economy the way it is and 2012 around the corner, the 70's Hippie look seems to have made a comeback but this time it's even BETTER. It seems to be a mix between the 70's AND 80's, all combined and put together in a 2011 kinda way. Braided hair, sunkissed makeup, long flowy skirts, maxi dresses, high waisted denim cutoff shorts as well as a twist of recycled eco-concious clothes... Sounds a little like my summer line, right? Well, that's the point and that's my inspiration!

Whether it's a side braid, braid headband, fishtail braid, BRAIDS ARE IN. If you want to be in style this season, simply braid your hair, throw on some yellow and orange eyeshadow and go. That's the look, that's what's up! ;) To add some extra flair, throw in a feather extension or some feather earrings. Since feather extensions are usually long, for short hair the feather earrings will help you look your sexiest. You can even wear one feather earring and one chain earring to really switch things up.

I found some awesome braid tutorials to help you get started!

First, the French Braid:

The Wrap-Around French Side Ponytail:

Waterfall Braid:

Butterfly Braids:

And lastly, the Fishtail Braid which I find takes the longest but is the easiest:

These aren't the only styles you can do, mix them up and have fun with it!
I searched for a makeup tutorial but I couldn't really find what I was looking for. So instead, I'll just post some pictures of my beautiful friend/model Ali Dovolis (Makeup by Sweet Cheeks, Photos by Me) from my Summer Shoot!

That's all for now, until next time!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Dada Bazaar Pictures!

Hey everyone! The Dada Bazaar Thursday night was awesome! It's a monthly bazaar in Delray Beach, FL - if you're down here you should definitely go check it out. Admission is free, and they even do fun things like live glass blowing as well as music inside near the bar.

I sold a bunch of things, even 2 new items I didn't have a chance to put on Etsy yet! I also traded some stuff and got some beautiful jewelry and artwork! I forgot to take pics of all my new things but maybe I'll do a video blog later instead. ;)

You can buy all my clothing & accessories at:
Let's begin, here's my setup! 

(Click the pictures to enlarge)

This guy is giving me a thumbs up. I didn't realize that until now. lol


Rich Chick Handbags by my friend Carolina! Check out all these shops on Etsy, they're all pretty much selling there

Cheryl! I <3 Her. Melodic Muse on Etsy, very interesting jewelry of all kinds!

Allison Kapner Originals (homemade jam and stuff, awesome! Allison is the one who runs the Dada Bazaar)

Sean Murdock - This guy was super cool, that shirt DEFINITELY says "Fuck Me I'm an Artist" lol.

Last but certainly not least, Dawn from 'Its Me Designs'... She's doing this
awesome thing "Recycle Your Closet" where she'll, you guessed it, recycle your closet! She does it for kids too, that's pretty useful in this economy!


My next show is this Saturday at the Indie Craft Bazaar: Bohemian Craftsody. Make sure you come, click here to RSVP on Facebook!