Sunday, August 30, 2009

MEOW KIKI FINDS: The Best Handmade Shoes on Etsy!

Ever since I was born I've had a huge obsession with shoes! All kinds of shoes... boots, pumps, flats, platforms, etc... My current collection of shoes exceeds 50 pairs so it's fair to say: I have a bit of shoe experience. ;) I've gone through all the Handmade shoes on Etsy and have picked 6 of my favorite sellers. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! Here they are:

1) Featured Seller: WolandandMoon
Etsy Address:
Meow Kiki's Favorite Pair: gold and lace

Price: $380
Size: Any size! This seller will make you a custom pair within 2 weeks of purchase.

2) Featured Seller: spirocreations
Etsy Address:
Meow Kiki's Favorite Pair: Tinkerbell Ballet Flats

Price: $175
Size: This seller will make a custom pair in Your Size within 3-4 weeks! They also offer different colors: red, blue, green, gold (deer), black, chocolate brown

3) Featured Seller: emandsprout
Etsy Address:
Meow Kiki's Favorite Pair: Little Pink Deer Gingham Shoes

Price: $24
Size: This seller has many different sizes for this pair. Check their store for more!

4) Featured Seller: boxing
Etsy Address:
Meow Kiki's Favorite Pair: Graffiti Hand Painted Canvas Sneaker

Price: $49
Size: 4.5, 5, 6, 6.5, 7.5 (I believe these are in Mens sizes so Women, be sure to subtract 1.5 sizes to find your mens size. ex. If you're a size 7.5 USA Womens you'll be a size 6)

5) Featured Seller: BeautifulPurpose
Etsy Address:
Meow Kiki's Favorite Pair: Crochet Boots, Size 8/9, Brown, Winter White, Coffee

Price: $130
Size: 8/9. This seller also says that they can make a custom pair in your size AND color choice!

6) Featured Seller: zebracakes
Etsy Address:
Meow Kiki's Favorite Pair: Pink Hime Marie Antoinette Heels

Price: $60
Size: 8

Search "Handmade Shoes" on to find more! I hope you enjoyed my picks! Feel free to comment. =]

xo Heather

Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Clothes!

Long time no blog post!!!
I just posted a bunch of new clothes yesterday so you should definitely check them out (and buy some while you're at it!:)

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Have an awesome weekend!
xo Heather