Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tea Party ~ Photoshoot

Hey everyone!
So, I had an awesome photoshoot last weekend. Aside from the fact that I got heat sick and almost puked, it was great! :P* Ever since I've been taking accutane the heat makes me really REALLY sick, and so I probly shouldn't even go outside most of the time.. bleh.. Anyhoo! ^_^

Here's a little sneak peak from the photoshoot:

I'll be posting new things throughout the week so make sure you check out my etsy store!:

Heather :)


Pili said...

I love the look of the shoot! It's the perfect mix between Alice In Wonderland and Victorian Porcelain dolls!

I'm in love with the last dress, btw!

Concertina said...

Wow! The shoot is fabulous!! So artistic and all of your pieces fit so well. I love them!

meowkiki said...

Thanks so much girls!! :D