Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fashion Show Pics & Video!

Hey everyone! As you may already know, I had a fashion show in Miami on August 12th! It was grrrrrreat! It was my second fashion show ever and everything went awesome. Of course some models didn't show up, as usual, but GES models had me covered. Due to this, I had to cut out some of my clothing pieces but otherwise everything went down according to plan.

The show was at Kitchen 305 (Newport Hotel) in Miami. The vibe of the venue was amazing and the hotel was freaking HOT! By hot I mean, whoa, words can't describe. Maybe exquisite and expensive works. haha. Sooooo many people showed up, I don't even know how many people were there but there was tons. I met soooo many amazing people and learned even more about fashion shows. I tend to jump into things and learn as I go along. I also did a shoot the Sunday after the show for GES Models 2011 Calendar. So 3 of my pieces will be featured in there, I'll post where you can buy it when it comes out. It's sexy hot hot hot, if there's one word to describe GES Models it's definitely sexy. I have a behind the scenes video clip of that shoot, I'll be posting it soon!

My boyfriend Kris was kind enough to take video of the fashion show for me as well! I didn't ask him to, but I guess my Mom told him to so he did and I am soooo thankful because pictures just don't do fashion shows justice! I put the whole show up raw and un-edited because why destroy it with effects and garbage people don't care about? lol. Here's the video! Please comment or like it! If you don't like it... well.. go away. haha.

So the theme of my fashion show was chaos. When I started designing for the show I had just moved into a new place and everything was chaotic. My fabrics are all over the place and that's what my life has been like the past 2 months. I had ordered fabric for the show that never got here, it actually got sent back to the seller, lol, perfect right? But that's life and I already have tons of fabric anyway. I used my favorites, my customers favorites and went to work. I also made jewelry for the show, something I didn't do last time. All necklaces since that's my favorite type of accessory. I made things a bit "girly" of course and wanted to make things not so avant garde that people could rarely wear it, I wanted to make wearable things that women can wear anywhere and feel confident. So, I hope you like what I did! Some pictures from the show are on my facebook page, feel free to like and comment those as well. ;) It's always important for me to know what my customers and fans like and want more of.!/album.php?aid=248277&id=45882655629&page=3

Oh, and at the top is a picture of me coming out at the end. If you know me, I don't like pictures. I asked specifically if I could not walk all the way out so I'm really glad I didn't have that many pictures of me. haha!

Check back for the behind the scenes photoshoot clip! All clothing and accessories from the show will be available for purchase on:

Until next time! xo Heather


Pili said...

YAY HEATHER!!! I'm super glad to hear everything worked out so well!!

meowkiki said...

Thanks Pili!! :D