Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy New Year + News News News :)

Hi everyone, happy new year!!

I hope you all had a great holiday season, mine was nice and relaxing. Also, my wrist had a nice rest, I'm pretty sure I have carpal tunnel now so I need to take it easy from time to time. Anyway, I had such an awesome vacation... First we went to New Smyrna Beach, we did alot of drinking (haha typical vacation on the beach), we went to the Kennedy Space Center for 2 days and finally we went to Kris' dads house in Orlando for 2 days. I feel like I'm missing something.. hm, well, maybe I was too drunk to remember. lol, anyway my vacation changed my life. How did it change my life? I'm now appreciating every day more and spending more time with my family and friends. Work is still my life of course, but I see things in a different way. Enjoy your life because that's what it's all about: being happy! I have tons of pictures over on Facebook that you can check out, and add me as a friend as well! Here are some of my favorites:

How was your holiday season??? :)

Now to some Meow Kiki News!...
Expect LOTS of changes this year! I'm trying to get new stuff up on Etsy every day and am also planning on filling up with MORE clothing and accessories. As you may have already noticed my new prices are looking a little different. Why? Because I'm trying something new! ;) Are my fabrics any cheaper? NO! I wish they were. Actually that reminds me of something I should tell you...

The other day I went to Joanns, fabric shopping of course for my usual cotton jersey knit. They have the best quality so I ALWAYS get it there. While searching for my knit, I stumbled upon the same colors I needed in a different fabric. The fabric was only $3 a yard! If you're not familiar, 1 yard equals 3 feet of fabric by maybe 60" or 45". Great deal, right?! So it was in the same colors I needed but 1/3 the price. I picked out my colors thinking "My customers are going to LOVE the cheaper prices!!"... but then I thought, and touched the fabric, pulled it, draped it over myself, stared at it for a long time.. lol.. And I thought "that is some crappy fabric. I don't want to use that. It's completely synthetic (of course thinking of the enviroment), it's thin, ew what was I thinking??!" So I put it back and went and picked out my expensive, beautiful quality cotton jersey knit that everyone loves! The moral of this story is I have morals and I could not buy the cheaper fabric to make things cheaper. I'm not sorry and I need you guys to know that I only sell quality clothing at the lowest price I can possibly sell them at without going completely broke myself. Please help support Meow Kiki by buying clothing from me and not cheaper places just because they're cheaper. I can assure you that mine can stand the test of time and I'm trying my hardest, as much as I can, to go eco friendly. Thank you for listening to my turning point story! ;)

Whew, I'm glad I got that off my chest! :D

In other news, I have my boyfriends twin brother working with me again. He used to work for Meow Kiki back a few years ago cutting fabrics. Today was his first day so I'm hoping it works out, that way you guys can get even MORE Meow Kiki!

I've already posted tons of new stuff, make sure you check it out and of course support your favorite clothing line!! ^_^ Love you guys! xoxo Heather


Pili said...

Hooray for good news and hooray for the New Year starting right!

meowkiki said...

Thanks Pili! Happy new year to you sweetie! <33