Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tutorial: Revamp Your Crap

In this tutorial I'll show you how to revamp your crap. Sometimes I just feel like making things and I enjoy re-using and revamping my junk and making it pretty & new! It's also good for the enviroment. ;)

I was in the middle of painting my old mirror when I realized making a tutorial would be awesome. So I started after I painted two coats of bright pink glossy paint across the frame. It's wall paint that I already had and it worked awesomely.

I tried to take this mirror apart in order to use the frame only, but the mirror was mega-glued to the frame so I'm going to leave the mirror in tact. You can also use a picture frame, which will be easier.

After a few hours (5 or 6), scrape the paint off the mirror with a flathead screwdriver. Be careful, the paint might still be wet in some spots. It won't mess-up the mirror. If you're using a picture frame this isn't necessary, skip to the last part. haha.

Clean and dry the mirror

*Clean!* It can be a mirror or picture frame. Decide!

Picture Frame. :) I used this awesome print I purchased off etsy here. Measure and make sure your art fits. Cut and/or fold if necessary

Now choose your glue. If you want it to be permanent use E6000. If you want it to be temporary use Hot Glue. I decided to use hot glue since it's not permanent.

Hot Glue: Put it on fast. The glue dries in seconds

E6000: Let dry for 24 hours

Add any accessories you want

Hang & enjoy your art!

Until Next time! xoxo Heather ^_^

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Concertina said...

Awesome tutorial! I never thought to use a mirror as a picture frame!

What a great pink too!