Friday, March 20, 2009

News & New Stuff! :)

Hey girls! I posted some new clothes on Etsy: and 1 new dress on! I hope you'll check them out! :) I'm going to also be posting more stuff soonish, probably Monday. I'm not 100% sure yet because I have family visiting but it will be around Sunday-Monday-ish. haha

I also have REALLY REALLY good news! I finally saved enough money to buy screen printing supplies!! Yes, professional screen printing supplies, whoa! I can't wait to get them!!!!! This means I'll be launching my mens line HOPEFULLY next month. The mens line will not be Meow Kiki, it has another name but that will be a surprise. ^_^

Have an awesome weekend!


Make It So said...

AC DC pants = a smile on my face. Love 'em!

meowkiki said...

hehe, thanks!! :)